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Marble Surface

Design Consulting

Have you disappeared down a Pinterest rabbit hole and need help refocussing? This hourly service is perfect if you need a sounding board for your ideas or just want access to our little black book of suppliers. 

You benefit by having a designer on speed dial for any tricky questions that may arise from your builder or if you are suffering from decision fatigue. 


Furniture Packages

You’ve got a great blank canvas, but now you need to furnish it. 

Useful for developers, Airbnb hosts, or residential clients in a hurry. 

Just because we can turn this around quickly, doesn’t mean we compromise on style or quality. The majority of items will be ‘in stock’ with suppliers and that’s the only difference. The more insight you can provide on your target market, the better we can tailor the style to meet that market.

Initially we draw up furniture lists based on floor plans and provide estimates for the full service of sourcing, purchasing, installing and styling your furniture. These are presented in a tiered system, allowing you to match your budget to a particular tier of quality and style. 

Well executed  project cooridnation from here on out.

Full Service

You have style. You have taste. Even if it’s just a preference of knowing what you don’t like! Once we work out what you love, we can set about a plan for a home that is a reflection of you and your ideals. 


This isn’t about me forcing my style on you, this is about collaborating with you to make sure the result puts a smile on our face.


Intimidation free zone

Service packages are tailored to you and can cover:


  • Finding a design style and look that is achievable for your budget

  • Finding a successful layout that meets your functional needs and then making it easy for you to visualise. 

  • Sourcing, purchasing, building and arranging furniture

  • Specifying materials and finishes to your contractor. 

  • Kitchen and bathroom design liaison

  • Window dressing

  • Custom joinery and Furniture Design

  • Project Coordination

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